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Certain appliances experience more usage than others, so there is a higher likelihood that problems may be encountered. One of the few appliances that needs to be kept running continuously - day or night - is the refrigerator. In addition, a lot of trust is placed in this appliance as we rely on refrigerators to keep our food fresh, cool and safe to eat. Therefore, it is crucial that refrigerators are kept running optimally.

The current refrigerators can be very complex appliances, as they now come with the options of cooling and humidity controlled zones, an auto-defrost function, beverage dispensers, ice dispensers and so much more!

The excellent technological research has meant that refrigerators rarely break down - but, in the rare event that they do, it can be quite the inconvenience!

The more complicated a device becomes, the more chances there are of something going wrong. In addition, the more complicated an appliance becomes, the harder it is to determine what might be wrong. The best option is to be on the lookout for certain signs that might give you a clue that something is not working as it should. The most common symptoms of a broken or faulty refrigerator include higher than normal electrical bills, food spoils quickly even if it is inside the fridge and unusual noises coming from your fridge. If your refrigerator does stop working or exhibits any or all of these symptoms, have no fear - Clay Pit Appliance Repair offer fast refrigerator repair services from a certified and insured professional. We provide our professional refrigerator repair services throughout Brooklyn and Staten Island. With same-day appointments and no-risk estimates, we offer an affordable way to get any refrigerator back up and running in no time!

To get started, contact us at 718-737-8833 or via our Contact Us page for same-day services and a free repair estimate. Fast refrigerator repair from certified experts - only with Clay Pit Appliance Repair!


Freezers are generally found in combination with refrigerators, but are increasingly being sold as separate appliances for homes.

These appliances are sturdy and are made to withstand day-to-day use, but there may be instances when you may run into some issues. It is not always easy to find a quick solution when your freezer breaks down. While some problems can be fixed after consulting the owner's manual, major issues, like a malfunctioning compressor, a damaged defrost heater or a bad evaporator coil, require the expertise of a trained professional.

There are various reasons why your freezer may stop working or become faulty. The most common symptoms to look out for include water leaks, food doesn't become frozen, unusual noises coming from the freezer or your food spoils quickly even when placed inside the freezer. If you experience any of these symptoms, your freezer definitely requires some attention. Before you rush out to buy a new one, why not give us a call to see if we can help. If the fault is minor, you could save a lot of money by simply getting us to fix your freezer.

Clay Pit Appliance Repair only work with the best and experienced repair professionals.

Our staff are friendly, accommodating and, most of all, good at what they do!

Call us at 718-737-8833 or send us a message via our Contact Us page to get started!

We offer same-day services and a free repair estimate. Quick and efficient freezer repair services - only from the certified experts of Clay Pit Appliance Repair!


The dishwasher has become one of our most trusted helpers in residential and commercial kitchens. It's made our lives more convenient - washing dishes by hand is a thing of the past thanks to this great innovation! This has also had an effect on the environment as dishwasher uses less water than hand washing dishes. However, as with any appliance, constant use will increase the chances of break down. Poorly washed cups and dishes can also lead to negative reviews for your cafe or restaurant, which can have a serious effect on the reputation of your business. Symptoms to watch that will provide clues of a faulty dishwasher range from dirty dishes and leaks after a wash cycle to odd sounds and smells coming from the dishwasher. Such symptoms may lead you to believe that you need to have your dishwasher replaced - but don’t be too hasty! You can save a lot of money by having your dishwasher repaired.

It may seem wiser to just buy a new dishwasher if it malfunctions, but Clay Pit Appliance Repair can quickly diagnose the problem and, if possible, restore your dishwasher to like-new condition. We specialize in repairing drainage issues, broken motors, calcium deposits and other common problems that prevent you from using your appliance normally - and may be able to save you a lot of money in the process. We offer free estimates, and our knowledgeable technicians will always provide friendly and fast repair services at a great price.

Why not give us a call first at 718-737-8833 or contact us via our Contact Us page for same-day services and a free repair estimate. Professional dishwasher repair at a great price - only with Clay Pit Appliance Repair!


A stove or range - whether powered by gas or electricity - is an essential piece of equipment in anyone's home. It is also key in the life of a restaurant or cafe, so keeping it running optimally is crucial to business.

Given that it is used on a daily basis, wear and tear is common and it is wise to perform regular maintenance on your gas or electric stove or range. While stoves are fairly simple appliances, a minor problem can quickly turn serious, especially in cases where your stove has a faulty gas line, switch or other component. If your stove is not working properly, you need a qualified repair technician to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. From broken valves, to one or more cook-tops not coming on, a broken stove can be a great inconvenience. You might presume that it is time to replace your broken old stove, but why not first consider having your old one assessed and repaired - and save a lot of money in the process.

No matter what the issue - whether your stove is not heating up, a valve is broken, or there is a faulty gas line - you can find all the help you need at Clay Pit Appliance Repair. All of our technicians are factory trained, certified and ready to provide efficient repair services on any model, make or brand. We combine our years of experience with the latest tools and techniques, so you can be assured that we can fix just about any problem! We offer free estimates and our knowledgeable technicians are always happy to help!

If you run into any issue with your electric or gas stove, call Clay Pit Appliance Repair at 718-737-8833 or contact us via our Contact Us page for a free repair estimate and professional same day services. Fast electric or gas stove repair from certified and trained professionals, only from Clay Pit Appliance Repair!


Washing machines are touted as one of the most important inventions of the Industrial Revolution. These washers are the workhorses of a household or laundromat and when they are down, the efficiency of the entire home or business is compromised. There are a number of potential reasons why your washing machine may have broken down. Issues can range from drive belts and motors to thermal switches, or from drain hose issues to simple lid switch failures. We at Clay Pit Appliance Repair offer fast, professional washer repair services at an affordable price. Our technicians have experience with all brands, and are certified for GE, Frigidaire, Bosch and LG among others. We are licensed and insured washer repair technicians so you never have to worry about our quality of work or knowledge about your appliance. We pride ourselves on our up-to-date product knowledge - our technicians receive ongoing training and have access to millions of repair parts for the most popular washer and dryer brands.

Don't panic when your washing machine starts leaking water all over the floor or does not power on. At Clay Pit Appliance Repair, we strive to offer helpful advice and assistance for your washer and dryer. Call us at 718-737-8833 or contact us via our Contact Us page for a free diagnosis for all washing machines with a repair.

If you need fast and same-day appointments from experienced technicians, look no further than Clay Pit Appliance Repair!


A clothes dryer consists of a tumbler - a drum-like container where air heated by a gas heater or electric heating element is circulated to evaporate the moisture.

As with any appliance with moving parts, normal wear and tear can cause your dryer to break down or not run optimally. Diagnosing the cause of a faulty clothes dryer is often difficult and time consuming and requires expert knowledge and experience. Problems can be caused by a faulty electrical box, a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker, a clogged dryer hose, a broken drive belt, or filled lint filters. While some of these issues can be resolved quickly and without having to call a technician, others will require a certified technician's expertise. Most problems are merely inconvenient, but the more serious issues can immediately render a dryer useless and even put your home and loved ones at risk. It is always better to be safe and have your dryer looked at by a professional.

If you find yourself with a clothes dryer that is not working normally, leaves clothes wet or musty-smelling, or suffers from failed heating elements, igniters, belts, blower wheels or other components - you don’t need to rush out to buy a new one. Why not call a reliable repair technician that you can trust, like Clay Pit Appliance Repair, and save a lot of money in the process!

Our experienced, licensed dryer repair technicians offer same-day repair appointments and insured dryer repair services. If your home's or laundromate’s dryer is not working properly and you need fast, affordable and reliable repair services, look no further than Clay Pit Appliance Repair. We offer free diagnosis for all dryers with a repair. Call us at 718-737-8833 or contact us via our Contact Us page today!


Like any other appliance, your gas or electric oven requires good care and proper maintenance. While most ovens are tough and sturdy, it is not completely unheard of to run into issues. Wires can get damaged, parts can wear out, burners can break down and gas stoves can become blocked. What should you do when this occurs? Do you go out and buy a new one immediately? No! First call a reliable appliance repair company to help you to lessen your kitchen troubles and fix your well-loved oven.

For reliable oven repair services, search no more. Clay Pit Appliance Repair can help diagnose and fix your commercial or residential oven's issue. Our technicians are fast, friendly and fair. We offer free estimates to help you decide on a suitable course of action. Most of all, Clay Pit Appliance Repair technicians are always on a quest to upgrade their product knowledge by regularly attending additional training programs. We always make sure we are able to answer and address any problems that you may have with your oven and you can expect that our technicians will do the job right 100% of the time.

In a rush to have your oven fixed? We understand! Call us, and our team of professionals will promptly get back to you to schedule an appointment time that will perfectly work with your schedule. We also offer a free diagnostic service with all repairs as well as same-day repair services so you will never have to leave your family or your customers without a tasty oven-cooked meal.

Clay Pit Appliance Repair offers affordable oven repair services throughout Brooklyn and Staten Island - repairing an appliance does not always have to be expensive! Call us at 718-737-8833 or contact us via our Contact Us page to schedule an appointment today!


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