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Certain appliances experience more usage than others, so there is a higher likelihood that problems may be encountered. One of the few appliances that needs to be kept running continuously - day or night - is the refrigerator. In addition, a lot of trust is placed in this appliance as we rely on refrigerators to keep our food fresh, cool and safe to eat. Therefore, it is crucial that refrigerators are kept running optimally.

The current refrigerators can be very complex appliances, as they now come with the options of cooling and humidity controlled zones, an auto-defrost function, beverage dispensers, ice dispensers and so much more!

The excellent technological research has meant that refrigerators rarely break down - but, in the rare event that they do, it can be quite the inconvenience!

The more complicated a device becomes, the more chances there are of something going wrong. In addition, the more complicated an appliance becomes, the harder it is to determine what might be wrong. The best option is to be on the lookout for certain signs that might give you a clue that something is not working as it should. The most common symptoms of a broken or faulty refrigerator include higher than normal electrical bills, food spoils quickly even if it is inside the fridge and unusual noises coming from your fridge. If your refrigerator does stop working or exhibits any or all of these symptoms, have no fear - Clay Pit Appliance Repair offer fast refrigerator repair services from a certified and insured professional. We provide our professional refrigerator repair services throughout Brooklyn and Staten Island. With same-day appointments and no-risk estimates, we offer an affordable way to get any refrigerator back up and running in no time!

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