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Freezers are generally found in combination with refrigerators, but are increasingly being sold as separate appliances for homes.

These appliances are sturdy and are made to withstand day-to-day use, but there may be instances when you may run into some issues. It is not always easy to find a quick solution when your freezer breaks down. While some problems can be fixed after consulting the owner's manual, major issues, like a malfunctioning compressor, a damaged defrost heater or a bad evaporator coil, require the expertise of a trained professional.

There are various reasons why your freezer may stop working or become faulty. The most common symptoms to look out for include water leaks, food doesn't become frozen, unusual noises coming from the freezer or your food spoils quickly even when placed inside the freezer. If you experience any of these symptoms, your freezer definitely requires some attention. Before you rush out to buy a new one, why not give us a call to see if we can help. If the fault is minor, you could save a lot of money by simply getting us to fix your freezer.

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